August 9, 2019

15 Good Ideas of Blog Posts

2 min

When it’s active, a blog is a powerful marketing tool for a business. It can promote natural referencing (SEO), strengthen the power of the brand and attract the interest of potential customers. All of this is great, but what do we do if we run out of inspiration?

We will make ourselves a fair trade and organic coffee, and we consult this blog post! You will find 15 types of articles grouped according to the goal to reach.

If you want to position yourself as an expert:

1. List of Resources: lists are very useful and work very well on the Web (e.g. lists of books or tools to discover). Create lists that are easy to read and convenient for your readers.

2. How-to-post: here you present how to do a process using images or videos (e.g. how to do zero waste groceries). This kind of article is very popular in different areas and makes it easier for your readers.

3. Case Studies: this type of article highlights a project, event or process related to your service offer. You can add quotes or statistics to reinforce your statements.

4. The FAQ: this is a very useful blog post type as part of a sales process. It answers the main objections of the customers and their unanswered or implied questions (e.g. will this thing break after 10 days?…) Just write it in a Q&A format.

5. Series: you would like to write about a particular topic, but a blog post does not seem to be enough to say everything you have to say? Series of posts allow you to divide a complex topic into multiple posts. Make sure to link the articles together when you publish them.

If your goal is to be entertaining:

6. The Story: tell an adventure that may be interesting for your audience. This type of post lends itself well to series.

7. The “meme”: according to Google Trends, “memes” are more searched on Google than “Jesus”! A meme is humorous content that becomes viral on the Web. Create your own or gather several under the same theme.

8. Satire: be funny by being ironic or exaggerating on a subject. It works well when it’s related to very recent political or sports events.

If you would like to promote a product or service:

9. The Comparison: create an article that compares the features and benefits of different solutions. To build the trust of your readers, include cases where your offer is not the best option.

10. The Project Showcase: are you working on an important project in your company or have you just completed one? Describe your project and share the results with your audience.

11. What’s New: wow! It’s done. You have signed a new contract with a major player, and in addition, you will soon launch an innovative product unique in the market. Talk about it!

12. Tips on a Product or Service: help your customers benefit from a particular product or service. This type of article is useful to promote your offer. Remember: a potential customer could read your article, so be as transparent as possible.

If you want to be engaging:

13. The Question Post: answer a question frequently asked by your audience on your social networks. 

14. Quotes: everyone loves to read motivational quotes! Gather quotes on the same topic or quotes from leaders who inspire you in your field. You can even name customers or business partners – do not forget to ask them for permission before publishing the post.

15. Challenge: use a blog post to challenge your audience. You can then create a series of articles on the subject featuring participants in your challenge.

Finally, a little advice, always keep your readers in mind when you write and offer them content that is valuable.

On this note, good writing!