October 17, 2019

Be Fresh n’ Clean with ATTITUDE

1 min

*** The contest is now closed. The winner is Brigitte Fortin. Thank you for participating!

Would you like to win $500 of green ATTITUDE products? Participate in our contest “Fresh n’ Clean”!

We have selected the best for you:
🌼 Dishwashing liquid and shampoo in Bulk to Go format;
🌼 Cleaners and soaps cruelty-free and vegan;
🌼 Shower gel and hand cream for sensitive skin, and certified ECOLOGO®;
🌼 EWG Verified™ lotions, bubble wash, and toothpaste from the baby & kids lines … and more!

You will have everything to fill all your needs, and would be able to reuse the bottles or recycle them!

To enter the contest, click here>>

The lucky winner will be unveiled on November 14, 2019, at noon on ÉCOLEAD Communication’s page.