August 9, 2019

How to Optimize Your Presence on LinkedIn

6 min

With more than 546 million users, LinkedIn is THE largest professional social network in the world. You know you have to be there, but you are lacking motivation to invest time in it. Here is our recipe to make every second spent on LinkedIn profitable.

1- Create a Powerful Expert Profile

LinkedIn is used as a search engine by the network users. It is therefore important for your profile to be able to stand out in search results based on certain keywords related to your expertise.

Take a few minutes to write a dozen words related to your profession. Keep your list close because it will be helpful to include those words as often as possible in the different sections of your profile.

Banner: Promote a clear, engaging and professional image within the dimensions recommended by LinkedIn (1,584 × 396 pixels). Our employees have opted for a banner inspired by the branding of our company.

Photo: Choose a sharp and recent photo (less than two years old) that showcases you. Your photo on vacation at the seaside is more useful on Facebook! A close-up picture of you where we see your eyes and your smile is a winner.

Name: If you have any amenities, feel free to add them after your last name.

Headline: Think about your keywords and specify your expertise. You can add your company’s website to generate traffic.

Current Position and Education: These sections are created automatically when you complete your profile. Just make sure the information is accurate and matches what you would like to promote.

Summary: It’s time to be creative and to highlight your personality! You can tell the story of your career by using your keywords and include videos and promotional materials.

Experience: Select your most relevant experiences and add a simple, catchy description of at least 50 words to each of them. Feel free to insert the phone number of your office and an invitation to contact you.

Education: Explain your school path by registering at least the school, the diploma and a short description of the courses you have followed.

Featured Skills & Endorsements: Add skills related to your expertise (up to 50 if you want!) Your colleagues can also recommend them which increase your credibility on the network.

Recommendations: Give and you will receive. We suggest that you communicate by private message with a colleague, a collaborator or a business partner to offer a recommendation. Explain to him that you will select the “Solicit a recommendation” option from their profile and follow the directions. Your generosity may encourage him to recommend you in return!

Accomplishments: Add the certifications you have obtained, the projects you are proud of and the publications that are worth sharing.

Interests: The pages of influencers, companies, groups, and schools to which you have subscribed are listed in this section. Do a search to find the leaders or customers in your industry to which you want to be associated and follow them.

Finally, do not forget to customize the URL of your profile, available from your main page (option on the right “Edit public profile & URL”). We suggest you enter your first and last name. If someone already uses this URL on LinkedIn, you could add a hyphen, for example.

2- Design a Catchy Business Page

Why create one? Here are 3 main reasons:

  1. Bring your employees together on LinkedIn under one banner;
  2. Build brand awareness by feeding a separate channel with news, job postings, etc.;
  3. Create targeted ads in newsfeed, homepage and private messaging.

To get started, select “Work” from the top menu and then “Create a Company Page”. Fill in the details and make sure that the URL is the correct one, because you will not be able to change it later. (If you are curious, our URL is /ECOLEADCommunication). Then simply follow the validation instructions on the page.

Cover photo and logo: Choose a representative photo of your activities with a size of 1,536 × 768 pixels and an up-to-date 300 × 300 pixels company logo.

About us: The more detailed and relevant your description is, the more likely you are to find yourself at the top of the search results related to your activity. Add your specializations (up to 20!).

URL and other information: Enter your company’s URL and size, industry, type of business and location. If you manage a group or belong to one, you can mention it (up to 3).

Be aware that you can also create showcase pages (subpage of your Company page) if you have multiple brands under your organization.

Once created, remember to return to your personal profile to update your experience by adding a link to your new page. You will then see your company logo to the right of your position. Invite your employees to do the same.

3- Expand Your Professional Network

Well, you’re new to the platform and you do not know anyone yet. It’s like entering a Chamber of Commerce 5 to 7 event, and being a little lost among the crowd.

Add at the beginning, the people with whom you have direct or indirect links. These may be former co-workers, acquaintances of the bachelor’s degree or current customers. Have fun discovering LinkedIn’s search tool. It is quite well developed and allows you to search from places, businesses, sectors, schools, interests and more.

Personalize all your messages by adding a note. It’s chic and you’ll increase your chances of getting a positive answer.

Under the “My Network” tab, you will discover LinkedIn’s suggestions under “People you may know”. In this same section, you can also select “More Options” on the left to synchronize your email contacts. You will then have a broader choice of relationships to add.

Take a regular look at the professionals who viewed your profile. If their profile corresponds to the types of people you want to connect with, invite them.

After each request accepted, send a thank you note to the person in private messaging. This act of courtesy is not intended to any sale purpose. It’s just a matter of thanking the person for her time and interest. We hate receiving copied sales messages stuck with links inviting us to like all the pages of the company on the Web and to buy products.

Finally, integrate the URL link of your profile and company pages to your communication tools such as your email or website. People will easily be able to connect with you.

4- Interact With Your Audience

Creating, enjoying and sharing content are one of the basic interactions on LinkedIn. It is recommended to publish regularly on your Company page as well as in your newsfeed. The frequency depends on your goals, but once a week remains the minimum.

Use newsgroups to connect with prospects, position yourself as an expert and probe business opportunities. Start by making a keyword search in the LinkedIn search engine under the “Groups” option. You can also go to “Work” and then “Groups”. You will see a series of groups suggested by LinkedIn and the number of people.

5- Post articles

Articles are published from your personal account by selecting “Write an article” in the newsfeed. Just add a photo, a title and your text. You build a mini-blog hosted by LinkedIn to position you as an expert in your field.

Every time you post something, your relationships receive a notification and some people who do not follow you can subscribe to it.

Your article should include short, simple sentences and links to your website to increase your SEO.

Finally, remember that it’s never too late to start investing time on LinkedIn!