June 20, 2019

I Innovate, so I Educate

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Photo innovation

Do you have an innovative solution that can save costs and replace other polluting avenues? If so, educating your prospects becomes a must for you. Here are 5 ideas to awaken their conscientiousness.

#1 Create Videos and Share Them on Social Networks

Have you noticed the omnipresence of videos on your Facebook news feed? This method of communication has exploded in recent years and social networks are adapting very well to this trend.

Organizations like Climate Reality Canada, PETA, WWF or Plastic Pollution Coalition and companies such as Hydro-Québec and Vestas are increasingly using online videos to educate their audiences on environmental issues. We are discovering videos every day, but here’s one we liked from Tesla.

In addition, Internet users regularly create video content that they share with their network. So, you could create a communication campaign inviting people to share their experience with your green product in exchange for a gift or visibility on your digital platforms. This is a form of social approval that allows you to educate your prospects through your existing customers.

#2 Host an Online Community

Innovative companies can create and run their own group (or “community”) focused on education. Facebook and LinkedIn are part of the social networks offering tools of choice in this regard.

Instead of establishing a one-way communication with their fans through a Company page, the groups are promoting the emergence of two-way emotional relationships among its members.

The role of the company as a Community Manager is therefore to:

▪️ Create a healthy environment for members to interact;

▪️ Facilitate, strengthen and stimulate relationship building.

When a group is well managed, there are a lot of benefits for the company, including greater brand recognition and increased conversion and retention rates.

#3 Buy Advertising

Advertising is part of the basic communication mix aiming at capturing the attention of certain clientele to influence the customers to engage in desired behaviour. Advertisements come in different formats (e.g. television, radio or online) and can be long or short, but they can be used to educate our customers.

This Chevrolet campaign with Mariloup Wolfe driving a Volt is an example.

It addresses one of the main fears of motorists: a battery failure (lack of energy) during a trip with an electric vehicle. This fear is unfounded with the Volt because it has a gas generator to recharge the battery when it is empty. We understand all this in 30 seconds.

Good to know … One may mistakenly think that the TV commercial is a necessity in marketing. Remember that other means like Facebook advertising can be much more profitable for a company. It all depends on your customer avatar, your goals and your budget.

#4 Host an Online or In-Person Training

We recently participated in a training session hosted by a client, aiming to inform his clientele about new products in the construction field. One of the presented products makes it possible to substitute concrete with a cheaper solution made from recycled materials.

This is a novelty on the market that involves a significant change in the way entrepreneurs do business. The session allowed participants to discover the solution proposed by the company and to ask their questions.

It was followed by a series of communication and marketing actions made by our agency in order to convert prospects into actual customers. These actions included a content marketing campaign using videos and web-based ads that centralize the delivery of educational messages.

In addition, with Facebook Live and webinars, you can share your knowledge with your audience and make them aware of your solution, no matter where they are.

#5 Write an Ebook

A digital book is a practical and powerful digital marketing tool. It can be used to share valuable information and generate leads. In exchange for an email address, for example, the user receives a link to download the book from a landing page. Graphics and images can be inserted.

You can sell your eBook, give it to your audience in whole or in part. It is important to have professional editorial and marketing support to help create a real impact on your customers.

There are a variety of other ways to educate people, like blogs, virtual reality videos, seminars, exhibitions, quizzes, apps, TV shows, and so on. What we need to remember is the importance of putting our efforts into a strategic marketing or communication plan and into measuring the results in a continuous improvement perspective.