August 2, 2019

Micro-Influencers: An Avenue to Explore!

2 min
Photo Micro-influenceur

You must have heard about influencers. These people are followed by many Internet users on social networks and can sometimes live off their digital art.

At the agency, we are interested in micro-influencers who have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. Why? Because they broadcast very specialized content (e.g. fashion, sport, beauty, etc.), and have an audience that is very engaged and close to their values. In addition, a collaboration with them is less expensive than that associated with the big stars of the Internet (e.g. less than $250 per Instagram post).

Whom to work with?

There are many micro-influencers out there! Here are six key questions to select the best candidate:

▪️ Is he a fake influencer? Beware of fake accounts, fake followers and fake comments… Audit the ratio of the number of fans/likes (fake accounts often have many fans and few likes). Also, check the quality of followers to validate their legitimacy (e.g. profile picture, number of subscriptions, bio, language, country, etc.).

▪️ What is his target audience? The audience of the micro-influencer must match the audience you want to reach. Identify the gender, average age, location, civil status and interests of his fans, for example.

▪️ What is the quality of the published content? The micro-influencer must be a specialist in his field and must publish valuable content for his audience that can be in harmony with the branding of your project.

▪️ What is the reach and the engagement rate of his posts? His job is to influence and that’s why you hire him. So, what are the results? Do followers see, like, comment on and share his posts?

▪️ Has he ever worked with one of your competitors or a complementary company to yours? If the micro-influencer has collaborated with your direct competitor recently, it will be harder for you to catch the attention. On the other hand, if he has promoted complementary products or services to yours, it’s a good sign. You could benefit from this.

What types of collaboration are possible?

There are two: the one we pay with money and the one we pay in the form of products or services. It all depends on the influencer (number of followers, engagement statistics, etc.) and the goals of your campaign (e.g. promoting an event). A negotiation is made with each influencer. The first step is to establish the type of agreement (e.g. offering an exclusive discount on your products to their community + basic payment for each post), then its terms (e.g. the content as well as the number of posts and their frequency.)

In the environmental sector, it particularly “pays off” to work with micro-influencers. They are very authentic and have the potential to generate behavioral changes in favor of a greener world. We can think of Mila Taillefer who publishes YouTube content on minimalism and zero waste. Her fans follow her in a sustained way and many mention the new green gestures they adopted following the viewing of her capsules.

Dozens of micro-influencers like Mila can be put to use for a campaign. Management efforts are certainly higher, but the benefits are often greater than with a single star.